NationPath Mentorship Program The NationPath Mentorship Program, founded and established by Sizwe Ndima, CEO of NationPath Media aims to provide digital skills and development training in film and television to unemployed youth in South Africa, this platform is given to those mostly in disadvantaged and marginalized communities as a mechanism to deal with unemployment as the skills acquired could elevate their status by creating independent employment. We aim to teach the fundamental skills needed in the industry for professional videographers and professionals to enable those who’ve completed the program to venture into. The mandate for the mentorship is to encourage future film makers to tell South African stories, to equip them with the needed skills to carry out their individual productions that highlights stories from the townships, rural areas and untold stories. This project aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • Empower the youth through digital technology
  • Give and opportunity to the youth to explore the film industry
  • Enhance Skills development and talent cultivation through training
  • Educate the youth on practical and theoretical knowledge on visual art
  • Encourage future filmmakers to tell South African stories
Currently we are working with the Department of Arts and Culture at the Cato Manor area to facilitate their workshops on script writing and development. This is an extension what the NationPath Mentorship Program aims to do, to assist bodies in the creatives economy to facilitate their initiatives focusing on film and television production. The Mentorship Program wishes to work with different municipalities to uplift their unemployed youth in disadvantaged backgrounds passionate about the filmmaking industry.